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Easter Monday in Barcelona 2022

Easter Monday in Barcelona 2022
Easter Monday is the day that marks the end of Holy Week and the start of the Easter Season. This day in Barcelona is a public holiday, which guarantees a great atmosphere in the streets of the city with the traditional activities of the day.

One of them is the famous Easter eggs. They are a very typical element in the decorations for these dates, as they represent fertility, hope and rebirth, values are the same as those represented by the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a tradition to decorate them with paint, give as presents and eat it.

Another typical dessert is 'buñuelos' or 'bunyols', which are made with a flour dough fried in plenty of oil, although there are variations in the recipes depending on the area. They are usually eaten during Lent until the end of Easter.

However, the most important tradition in Barcelona on Easter Monday is the mona de Pascua.

La mona de Pascua

One of the most typical Easter rituals is when families and friends gather on Easter Monday to eat the mona in the countryside. Before eating the dessert, they usually have a meal of grilled meat or typical Easter sausages, such as longaniza de Pascua.

The origin of the mona is not clear, but according to some sources it dates back to the 18th century, when a cake was eaten with a hard-boiled egg. Later, in the 19th century, monas began to be made with chocolate and decorated.

It is a tradition that the godfather or grandfather gives the mona to the godchild or grandchildren. Each child will receive one with as many eggs as he/she is old, up to a maximum of 12 years old (when the Confirmation takes place). In some families the child may have to sing a song if he or she wants to receive the gift.

As it is the most popular dessert, a multitude of different recipes have emerged. The most traditional is the one made of brioche and two eggs on top. Others have a sponge cake base with a cream, jam or chocolate filling and can be covered with crème brûlée.

Most commonly, the mona de Pascua is decorated with chocolate eggs and even structures representing iconic buildings, balls, faces of famous people... etc. There are some that are a real spectacle, we recommend you to stop and take a look at every pastry shop you come across on your walks around Barcelona.